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Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to all your questions. If after visiting this section you need to get additional information - contact us using
the feedback form in your account or via any other convenient communication channel.

Basic information
What services does Neuro Bot Limited Limited provide?
Neuro Bot Limited Limited is a formally registered UK organization engaging in cryptocurrency mining processes, private currency exchange, and trade.
How do I get a profit by cooperating with Neuro Bot Limited Limited?
Generally, the cryptocurrency market rates of rapid growth and particularly Bitcoin determines high profit. We make use of diversified investments to ensure our financial risks are reduced to the minimal level in different activities.
Is Neuro Bot Limited Limited a legal and company registered?
Absolutely, Neuro Bot Limited Limited has been officially registered under the Great Britain jurisdiction with the registration number – 10957434. This is available to you from the website of the company.
Where is Neuro Bot Limited Limited’s head office situated?
The head office is situated at 160 Kemp House, City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. You can visit this office anytime during work hours on business days.
Are there any risks and guarantees for customers?
Every business has its accompanying risks. As much as you can make huge profits, you may also face higher risks. Neuro Bot Limited Limited endeavors to get the most suitable solution to make sure there’s a balance between risks and profits. We also give a guarantee on the security of your funds and provide full payments for all profits made by our clients.
Investment offer
What’s the process of becoming an investor with Neuro Bot Limited Limited?
During registration, you simply require to select a login username and create a strong password. Make the password to be very complex and never reveal it to anyone. This will prevent unauthorized persons from checking your account. During registration, submit the address of your Bitcoin which you intend using for deposit and withdrawal and even the email for any future communication with the organization.
Is there any limit on the number of account to register on Neuro Bot Limited Limited?
Every customer of Neuro Bot Limited Limited can only register and manage one account. Kindly follow this Term of Service to prevent unexpected funds blocking.
Is it possible to create multiple accounts from an IP address or one computer?
You can create multiple accounts from a particular computer only if they are not yours, but for your friends or relatives. We do not go against this.
I’m experiencing difficulty gaining access into my account. How do I fix this?
Firstly, ensure that you typed in the accurate login details. In case you do not remember your password or your password is lost, make use of the “Forgot Password” feature. Type in the email address you submitted when registering and click “Reset Password.”
Can I deactivate my account?
Absolutely yes. To do this, kindly get in touch with our customer support team through the feedback form provided on our website, and we will get this resolved for you.
What is your investment condition?
As per the Neuro Bot Limited investment proposal, the profit takes every 60 minutes to accrue from the time the deposit is added (the additional accrual time is accessible in the section alongside the list of your deposits). Totally, the daily profit is about 5-10 percent..
What payment systems do you operate?
Neuro Bot Limited accepts investments and makes payment of profits in Coins like, btc, ltc, eth, doge, dash.
How can I make a deposit?
Please, read the terms regarding the proposed investment strategy as well as make a minimum deposit of $10. In a case whereby you make use of Bitcoin, your deposit will be credited and will begin to work after 3 cryptocurrency network confirmations.
What are the least and the maximum amount that I can possibly invest?
You can make at least $10 (USD) for your deposit; there is $30,000 for maximum.
What is the duration for my deposit to be added to my account?
Any deposit from every payment processing, except Bitcoin, is INSTANTLY processed. In the case of Bitcoin, the deposit takes 3 cryptocurrency network confirmations before it’s been credited. This can take just between 1 to 24 hours (very rare).
I transferred money as per the instructions, but no money appears in my account?
Do not fret. In a case like this, you just have to contact the customer support using the email or with the use of the feedback form. Provide a description of your problem and give us all these information: payment processing used, user ID, transaction details, and the amount deposited. In the case of Bitcoin deposit, it is very good to inform us of the Bitcoin address from the place the payment was sent.
What is my profit accrual schedule?
As per the investment proposal of the organization, it takes every 24 hours for the profit to accrue from when the deposit was added (the actual time of accrual can be seen in the section where your deposits are listed). Totally, the profit per day is from 1.5% to 2.75%.
What’s the least profit I can withdraw?
You are entitled to withdraw the available amount of money from your account balance. However, the least amount of withdrawal is $1 (USD); there’s no maximum limit to this.
How fast is the process of requests for profit withdrawal?
Withdrawal requests are processed immediately and automatically.
Can I get back my deposit?
No, your deposit is nonrefundable as it is part of the working capital of the company.
Partnership Program
Is there any partnership program from Neuro Bot Limited Limited?
Absolutely, we provide a two-level partnership program, offering a 7% reward of the deposits that your referrals made and 3% reward on the second level of your referral team.
Who can become my referral?
Just anyone who has an interest in the investment income can be your referral.
What do I do to attract referrals?
Information regarding your earnings can be shared on social networks. Show your received income, and friends will be pushed to invest. Prior to the registration of your friends, ensure they make use of your referral link. This gives you additional income, which you will get immediately your friends begin to invest.
Can I earn commission on referral if I do not have my personal deposit?
Sure, you can! You can earn with Neuro Bot Limited Limited exclusively using our sponsorship strategy without making your own deposit. However, to get your rewards, your referrals have to make a deposit.
When can I get my referral commission?
You will receive your reward instantly after your new referral makes their first deposit. Then, you can withdraw your referral commission as an ordinary profit.
What can be done with the funds obtained from the partnership program?
The funds are absolutely yours. They can be used at your discretion; either to make a deposit or have them withdrawn.
Who are the representatives of Neuro Bot Limited Limited?
The regional representative is a client of Neuro Bot Limited Limited, who sent us an application with personal and contact information. He/she participates in attracting new investors and earns an increased referral commission - 10%.
What is the referral commission for a representative of Neuro Bot Limited Limited?
The status of a regional representative allows you to earn 10% commission.
Is there a difference in the charges between the usual referral commission and the partner’s commission?
Both types of remuneration are calculated automatically after making a deposit by your referral. You can order this amount at any time.