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About Neuro Bot Limited

Neuro Bot Limited is one of the world's leading Crypto Trading network , Our trading systems detect changes in the market that humans simply cannot process. Imagine being able to look at Ethereum and being able to do millions of mathematical computations in a matter of seconds and then forward think what will happen over the next based off what it learned. These types of systems are exactly what we have developed. Our trading systems evolve as they learn from the past by analyzing millions of pieces of data and them forward think what will happen next. These sophisticated trading systems use complex mathematical equations such as: stochastic calculus, theories of relativity, quantitative mathematics, martingales, diversion of the means and differential equations just like NASA or the military use math and science to execute flawless missions which is why no ordinary system could run these calculations.

Our main activities
Crypto-currency trading:
The financial managers at Neuro Bot have their skills excellently polished in the multi-currency Forex market. For quite a long while, they have been providing financial consulting service and assisting in the management of numerous customers’ assets globally. Based on the advancement of the digital and electronic currencies, we have concentrated on Bitcoin trading and some other emerging crypto-currency exchanges. Presently, the organization successfully combines knowledge and experience to make sure uninterrupted operation and a steady result is achieved in the trading process.
Private crypto-currency exchange:
Regarding the rising cases of fraud concerning the exchange offices, numerous cryptocurrency users are facing challenges of secure electronic money exchange. This issue remains pertinent, which is the reason why Neuro Bot Limited provides the most outstanding cross-rates for exchanging in renowned areas – Bitcoin as the major one. The private exchange service management is self-confident and component, our specialists engage in searching for solutions regarding any non-standard financial tasks and issues.
This has defined our risk levels to the mathematical equations we like to call algorithms. These trading systems create fields of probability where our proprietary algorithms use relativity and logic to tell us when to buy or sell. This is how we beat the market continuously. Leveraging these complex theories/trading systems together, we can achieve predictability points that tell us what to expect in the next minute, hour, day or week. “Pricing the Future” is at its best when it skips through the parallel developments in physics, mathematics and economics which is why we created the Neuro Bot. We let the supercomputer’s neural network abilities to make rational decisions, so we can rest easier at night. Having these systems in place allows Neuro Bot to manage risk at extreme levels to capitalize on the slightest movements in defined time frames. Analyzing data at rates of nanoseconds can literally be the difference between success or failure. Neuro Bot is in a unique class of its own for one simple reason. The system can trade any asset class verses being dependent on one certain area thus giving the company diversification and stability on a permanent basis. We know that some asset classes will trade sideways and not give the expected return. By being able to sensor those areas, we can circumnavigate the most difficult market situations. Neuro Bot allows the assets to be pooled together while tracking everyone’s account in a real-time format unlike most funds. Our goal is to maximize each dollar to return an above average return with each investor.

Neuro Bot Limited encountered the required incorporation procedure in 2017, in 160 Kemp House, City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX, in which the major crypto-currency mining farm and the company’s central office are located. The necessary registration data can be publicly accessed on the royal registrar companies’ house website at

Organization: Neuro Bot LIMITED
Company No.: 10469335
Street: 5 Beare Green Cottages
City: London
Postal Code: RH5 4PE
Phone: +1 518-620-8608
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 10:00am-5:00pm
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