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Affiliate program
affiliate marketing is the best type of customer engagement, and Neurobot actively uses this instrument. This allows us to gain the trust of clients and to disseminate information about company investment proposal far beyond the United Kingdom, based on online activity of our partners. Using an affiliate program significantly reduces the costs of promotion and advertising services for the company. The savings are distributed evenly among our partners and serve as a reward for their affiliate activity.
For its partners who help with the promotion of investment proposal, the company offers a 7% and 3% commission on every deposit of referral. To take advantage of affiliate program you don't even need to have your own deposit. Just sign up and use an affiliate link that is in your personal account. You can share this link with your friends or colleagues, as well as to register your family members. As soon as your referral makes a deposit, commission of 7% and 3% of the deposit is instantly accrued to your balance. You can withdraw this commission or make a deposit from account balance. Affiliate program is the best proof of our serious intentions. We invite you to become part of our team and get extra income!

Our representatives

If you are on our website for the first time and you have questions about the investment conditions of Bitcoin Wave Limited,
please contact any of the representatives listed below. All our representatives are reliable partners. If you want to become a Regional Representative of our program you must have ($2500 minimum) active deposit.

Country Regional Representative language Contact Information
USA Alexander Kholodov EN Skype: Alexander Kholodov E-mail:
UK Benjamin Jacobson EN Skype: Benjamin Jacobson E-mail: